Event Promotion

Want to spread the word about your upcoming event?

Use any or all of these steps, depending on your needs. Please remember to ALWAYS begin by contacting your Communications Liaison. Your liaison needs to be "in the know" on your plans so s/he can assist you with promotions along the way.

(Please note: Appalachian cannot promote events that are not directly related to or presented by a campus entity. If you would like to promote an event to our campus community, you can purchase advertising with our university newspaper, The Appalachian or radio station, WASU.)

Step 1: Work with your Communications Liaison to make sure the event is listed on your own campus unit's website. Be sure this listing includes the date, time, location and a brief description of what your attendees can expect when they attend. Also list if a cost is included, and whether the event is open to the public. Note: If you have an ongoing event, list all dates and times.

Step 2: Work with your Communications Liaison to make sure the event is listed on your unit's calendar. University Communications mines this calendar for events to feature, and we choose to feature the ones that have all elements listed in Step 1.

Step 3: Discuss options to promote your events to the broader community with your Communications Liaison. Remember there needs to be a good web presence to direct interested people to, so be sure you have completed Step 1.

Step 4: To purchase advertising on campus or in local or regional media, contact your Communications Liaison.

Step 5: For Scala digital signage, University Communications offers assistance. Begin by checking with your Communications Liaison.

Step 6: To distribute mass emails, select your audience and go to the appropriate link: